Composing with digital artifacts, courtesy of Goodhertz Lossy

A couple short vocal samples, thoroughly chopped up + some vigorous plugin automation (Goodhertz Lossy) + a dash of drums for flavor and pulse = this little sketch.

More info below, but for the TL;DR crowd, take a listen and watch the plugin parameters dance to the automation:

The rest of the story: Lossy is a digital distortion plugin by Goodhertz. I was charmed by their goal of doing digital distortion not in the oft-done 8-bit style, but instead in an early-2000s, bad-bit-rate, early-days-of-file-sharing flavor. They also offer a 50% discount if you do something fun with their plugins and post it online, so I couldn't resist!

Goodhertz prides themselves on how cleanly their plugins automate, so I figured I'd have a go at using that automate-ability as a central compositional tool - changing parameters in time to create the music. I originally planned to just rely on extremely fast rhythmic shifts in plugin settings, but upon hearing the sparkly, glitched out effects the plugin could create through ramped fades, I had to incorporate those as well.

Sure enough it handled all those automation changes gracefully, from extremely fast flutters to long ramps. Any clicks or pops you might here are from sudden audio edits I left untouched because I liked the scrappy edge they brought the track - I couldn't get the plugin to click even when I tried!

I went with a chain of two instances of Lossy (both in series on the vocal track) to have 2 flavors of distortion to play with. Other than that, the processing is pretty minimal - just a bit of reverb, dynamics processing, and frequency balancing.

Definitely adding this one to the toolbox for the future!

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