Bamboo Whistle Invocation

I’m always seeing new instruments and thinking: “How cool! I’ve got to have one of those!” Of course, the more instruments I collect, the trickier it feels to find the time to learn and play them!


Earlier this year, I bought this beautiful bamboo low D whistle made by Nevsky Sun of Abedabun Flutes. Over the last few weeks, I wanted to make sure to find the time to start learning and exploring this super-cool instrument, so I made myself some motivation: to write and record something on it.

So here it is - written and performed by me:

I’m continuing to explore the instrument and discover all it can do. I love all the subtlety of voicing and pitch control that is possible and how humanly expressive it sounds.

Because the room I was recording in wasn’t the quietest, I went with a pretty close micing, which means you’ll get a nice close-up sonic perspective of all the breathy, tactile details.

And if anyone’s ever interested in getting a wooden flute or whistle, check out Nevsky’s store on Etsy here. In addition to fippled whistles like this one, he makes various styles of flutes as well!

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